All Day Breakfast

    • Breakfast

      All day breakfast available at The Jindi Caf'.

      The Jindi Breakfast

      Breakfast extras:

      • baked beans
      • hash brown
      • tomato
      • mushroom
      • spinach
      • pancake
      • sausage
      • bacon

    • Raisin Toast

      2 slices with butter.

    • Egg & Bacon Roll

      Focaccia roll with 2 rasher of bacon, two eggs and your choice of sauce.

    • Eggs and Bacon

      With toast and poached, scrambled or fried eggs.

    • French Toast

      With maple syrup, lemon, sugar or bacon.

    • Eggs Benedict

      With 2 slices of toast, poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce.

    • Eggs Florentine

      With two slices of toast, poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise sauce.

    • Jindi Breakfast

      With toast, bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, tomato, mushroom and hash brown.

    • Buttermilk Pancakes

      With your choice of ice cream, maple syrup or lemon sugar.

    • Canadian Pancakes

      Buttermilk pancakes topped with bacon and eggs.