March 24, 2016


Jindivick and History

For information on the history, community and local events in Jindivick please visit the Jindivick Community site here.

History of The Jindi Caf’ (and Jindivick General Store)

The First Jindivick General Store was established in 1889 by Norwegian Seaman Johann Tandberg and his wife Mary Tandberg (nee Sullivan) from their house in Jindivick. The house then became a post office store which was moved north of the Tarago in the same year.

The original residential building that stood on this current site consisted of a few rooms behind the store with the current residence being added to in 1913. Part of the small original storeroom at the back was replaced in 1938 with a small produce storeroom, approx six years later this was then removed and the existing produce storeroom was built.

The original building was demolished in 1959 and replaced with the current building you see today.

There have been various owners over the years with the most well-known owners being the Pretty family. In 1935 Albert Pretty (known as Bert), began keeping the books for the owner Mr. A Gillett and the next year took over the store.

In the Second World War emergency food supplies were implemented and the owners of store were required to keep in reserve essential groceries to last the community 3 months. The storeroom was not large enough to accommodate the goods and the Jindivick Hall was also use to keep these goods in stock.

When Albert retired his son Jack Pretty took over the store after growing up and helping with it from a young age. The house joined to the Jindivick General Store was lived in by the Pretty family and is now The Jindi Caf’.

Jack ran the store until 2002 when he retired and the store was sold.

There have been several owners since with Bryan and Susan Goodwin purchasing the businesses early 2013. The Jindi Caf’ still operates to this day providing the local area services and products such as post, papers, gas bottles and milk.